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John Rodigan, Business Development Rep


Increased Exposure and More Conversations

I owe FunnelAmplified a massive thank you for helping me become a better sales professional. The training vastly increased my exposure of to help me book more meetings and create new opportunities. It also helped increase my personal brand and exposure and I now have opportunities coming through regularly.

Dave Lewark, Enterprise Sales Director

Xactly Corporation

My social interactions I learned with FunnelAmplified resulted in a $250k+ win

During RFP's, I engage contacts in the buying consortium with regular social posts and messages with access to articles on my ContentHub through FunnelAmplified. This has made a huge difference in my sales wins!

Social Engagement is the Difference

Make your cold calls and email cadences more effective with this easy social activity

Digital Selling is not about likes, reshares or sending cold connection requests

Digital Selling is strategically using your digital presence and social behavior to create initial conversations with potential customers. It is more like a networking event than a 1:1 sales conversation. Buyers don’t want to be sold. They want to engage with trusted advisors. Are your digital activities helping you be known, liked and trusted as an advisor to your industry? If not, it is time to make a change!

Two Easy Daily Activities

Turn LinkedIn into a Lead Machine

Sydney Stemplfy, VP Marketing

VIP Mortgage

"Our entire team learned how to make social "social" and close more deals"

FunnelAmplified worked with us to help scale our team's social media offerings and provide training for our team focused on the importance of being "social" to create more first conversations. If you are looking to create more conversations that lead to sales, FunnelAmplified is your solution.

The Social Prospecting & Digital Selling Advantage

Learn and implement the social activities that create conversations with your ideal customers